White Wine Tomato Cream Sauce

Hello guys! I invited a group of my close friends and had a chill housewarming this weekend.  Since a few of them were vegetarian, I wanted them to have some options and not just pizza.  Therefore I made a simple vegetarian baked ziti with a quick white wine tomato cream sauce.  I’m not a big […]

Chewy White Chip Chocolate Cookies

Hello Everyone! I was craving for something chocolate and I had a lot of white chip morsels left over when I was making multiple batches of red velvet cookies for my brother and his friends.  So I decided to make scrumptious chewy chocolate cookies, which make for a perfect snack with a nice glass of milk!  I […]

Quick & Refreshing Ceviche

Hello! Since it’s a long weekend I’ve had the luxury of relaxing and focus on my passion of cooking.  Nowadays society and the global market is constantly connected 24/7, which has prolonged everyone’s work hours drastically.  In addition, with the never-ending responsibilities everyone has, whether you are under 18, over 18, or have a family.  With everyone’s modern […]