Cooking Tips

Here I’ll have a consolidated list of cooking tips for you lovely people, and will link them to the blog post it is related to!

Gluten Free Fried Rice

  • A safe way to test when the oil is ready: Take a wooden utensil like a chopstick or the end of a wooden spoon, stick it in the oil. If there are bubbles coming to the surface where the oil measurement on the wooden utensil is, then it’s ready!
  • Cooking Eggs:Whenever cooking scrambled eggs, you should never cook on a high heat because eggs are a protein.  Cooking protein on a high heat like scrambled eggs will cause it to seize up and result in dry & hard eggs instead of soft & fluffy eggs. (but of course cook them to your liking, no one is here to judge how you like your food! :D)

Quick & Refreshing Ceviche

  • How to tell if your fish is fresh:
    1. Smell the fish, your fish should not smell fishy.  It can smell briny and a faint ocean smell, but never fishy.
    2. Press the flesh, when pressed with your finger, it should not leave a permanent dent.  Your fish should have a slight translucent appearance that doesn’t give when pushed. If your fish leaves a dent, that means it has started to decompose.
    3. Look at the eyes (if you’re buying a whole fish and not fillet), your fish should not have a cloudy film over the eyes or look dark.  Fresh fish should look clear, bright eyes.
    4. Look at the gills (if you’re buying a whole fish and not fillet), your fish’s gills should not have any discoloration and should not be sticking together, your fish’s gills should be a nice bright red color.
  • Easy way to slice fresh fish: freeze for ~5-10 minutes for a cleaner and easier cut
  • Reduce strong onion taste & smell: soak in cold water for a few minutes to dilute the strong onion flavor & smell
  • Easy way to dice avocados: dice the avocados is to cut it in half & remove the pit. Click
  • To pit an avocado: Firmly hold the half of the avocado with the pit. Take the back, sharp part of the knife and carefully whack the knife into the pit. Then scrape the knife on the side of a trash can or sink to take the pit off the knife

Savory Chicken Oatmeal

  • Tip – To peel ginger: instead of using a knife and wasting parts of the ginger OR using a peeler which can’t reach the hard crevices. Use a spoon!
    1. Hold the ginger firmly using your non dominate hand.  Have the concave part of the spoon facing the ginger.
    2. Then start scraping the skin from top to bottom
  • Tip – Prevent boiling over: 
    1. With a pair of wooden chopsticks, put one lying on the top left side of the pot and the other on the right. Then you can rest the lid on top of the chopsticks.
    2. With a wooden spoon, place that on the middle of the pot without the lid

Coconut Green Tea Mochi Cake

  • Tip – How to divide 1 egg: First crack an egg into a small shallow bowl and whisk until whites & yolk are combined.  Then use measuring spoons and measure how much is in egg, and do simple math to divide that in half.  1 large egg = ~ 3-4 tablespoons

Chewy White Chip Chocolate Cookies

  • Tip – Why sift your dry ingredients?: When you sift your dry ingredients, it aerates and removes the lumps from the dry ingredients.
  • Tip – How to sift using a fine mesh strainer: Place the strainer over a large bowl.  Place your ingredients in the mesh strainer, and gently tap the strainer against the flat side of your hand.  Then,  sifted ingredients should land in the bowl.

White Wine Tomato Cream Sauce

  • Tip – How to chiffonade:
    1. Lay your leafy greens (herbs, spinach, lettuce, etc) flat on the cutting board
    2. Stack them on top of each other
    3. Roll the stack up (like rolling up a carpet)
    4. Moving your wrists in a upward and downward motion, cut the leafy greens
    5. Now you should have nice little ribbons of your leafy greens
  • Tip – How to destem fresh thyme:
    1. Hold the top of the thyme sprig with one hand
    2. Use the other hand and gently pull the leaves off the sprig in a downward motion
    3. It’s that easy!

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