About Me

Hello! Welcome to my food and coding blog!  My name is Crystal Lam and I’m a self taught home cook due to my strong passion for food & cooking, as well as learning about the vast variety of cultures around the world.  I originally wanted to be a chef or even become a traveling food blogger.  However, growing up with immigrant parents under their strict household that was not an option.  Once I graduated high school, I went straight to college and that was where I was able to discover a new hobby.  I discovered that I enjoyed coding, more specifically web development.  During my time there, I continued my love for cooking while on a tight budget.  With that tight budget I came to the realization that delicious dishes don’t need to be complicated or expensive; just simple and comforting.  I soon graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University and now I’m working a full time job at Dow Jones as a Software Engineer.


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