Quick & Refreshing Ceviche

Hello! Since it’s a long weekend I’ve had the luxury of relaxing and focus on my passion of cooking.  Nowadays society and the global market is constantly connected 24/7, which has prolonged everyone’s work hours drastically.  In addition, with the never-ending responsibilities everyone has, whether you are under 18, over 18, or have a family.  With everyone’s modern busy lifestyle, spending the whole day cooking or even a couple of hours for dinner is rare. This is why I try to aim for recipes that achieve great taste and are quick & easy!

It was a snowy and chilly winter day by me and I was thinking about my vacation to Boca Raton, FL last summer.  I miss the fresh seafood, the refreshing salads, and most of all the warm sun rays while lying on the beach.  I was craving the taste of citrus in combination with fresh seafood and avocados.  I decided to make a nice ceviche with the fresh flounder I bought from the market the other day.

When making ceviche, you can virtually use any fish you’d like but I prefer using a firm white fleshed fish like halibut.  I have made this with tilapia and in this case flounder, which works perfectly fine.  Just make sure your fish is fresh when you buy at your market. Here are a few tips to follow when purchasing your fish!

* Tip – How to tell if your fish is fresh:

  1. Smell the fish, your fish should not smell fishy.  It can smell briny and a faint ocean smell, but never fishy.
  2. Press the flesh, when pressed with your finger, it should not leave a permanent dent.  Your fish should have a slight translucent appearance that doesn’t give when pushed. If your fish leaves a dent, that means it has started to decompose.
  3. Look at the eyes (if you’re buying a whole fish and not fillet), your fish should not have a cloudy film over the eyes or look dark.  Fresh fish should look clear, bright eyes.
  4. Look at the gills (if you’re buying a whole fish and not fillet), your fish’s gills should not have any discoloration and should not be sticking together, your fish’s gills should be a nice bright red color.

Ceviche is a popular dish in Latin America like Peru, Mexico, Colombia, etc. It has now spread across borders and different regions have their own spin on it.  Ceviche is a seafood dish that is typically made with raw fish (and sometimes shellfish), which is then denatured with a citrus marinade.  Denaturation is a process where the proteins, in this case the fish to break down and rearrange them in a formation that is very similar of the cooked product.

You may be thinking if this is safe to eat due to the known seafood pathogens/ bacteria.  Luckily, the high pH environment we marinate the fish in takes care of that because it cannot exist in a pH level lower than 4.5 && lime juice has a pH level of 2. Yay and now for the ingredients!




~1 pound of finely diced flounder *

1/2 cup of lime juice (you can use any citrus you’d like!)

1/4 cup seeded diced tomatoes

1/4 cup finely diced onions *

1/4  cup chopped fresh cilantro

1/2 diced serrano chile (optional)

1 diced avocado *




Step 1:

Place the diced flounder in a bowl, and pour the lime juice over the fish. Mix gently to combine and cover with plastic wrap. Put it in the fridge to marinate for roughly 15-20 minutes. [I left mine to marinate for about 30-ish minutes because I got lost in an episode of Suits! It’s such a great show, you guys should really check it out.]



Step 2

Once the fish is done marinating, you should drain it and I like to rinse it a little bit to ensure it’s not too sour for people’s liking.


Step 3: 

Next, just add all the rest of the ingredients to the fish and gently mix! You can cut a few lime wedges to squeeze over the ceviche to your liking. 🙂

*Tip – Easy way to slice fresh fish: freeze for ~5-10 minutes for a cleaner and easier cut

*Tip – Reduce strong onion taste & smell: soak in cold water for a few minutes to dilute the strong onion flavor & smell

* Tip – Easy way to dice avocados: dice the avocados is to cut it in half & remove the pit. Click

* Tip – To pit an avocado: Firmly hold the half of the avocado with the pit. Take the back, sharp part of the knife and carefully whack the knife into the pit. Then scrape the knife on the side of a trash can or sink to take the pit off the knife

Here you go, I hope you enjoyed this recipe! A quick & simple ceviche that is perfect for the lovely summer days & for the one’s missing summer during the long winter nights. Feel free to leave a comment below or post any recommendations.



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