Simple Universal (Gluten Free) Meat Marinade

Hi Guys!  I wanted to share this simple marinade recipe that has been used in my family for ages and a bonus is that it’s very simple to make.  This recipe has been passed down from my mom’s side of the family and hasn’t changed one bit.  There are only 4 ingredients you need to make this universal meat marinade.  I usually use this marinade as it is or as a base for other recipes and I add more aromatics to enhance the flavor.  You can use this for chicken, beef, fish, pork, and etc.

Since I am gluten intolerant, I have substituted the typical regular soy sauce for San-J Tamari soy sauce.  This was the only gluten free soy sauce I liked and where you can actually taste the flavor of the fermented soy beans. If you have any other recommendations, leave a comment below!

Also, the reason I have black or white pepper is that I usually use white pepper for white meats or fish such as flounder, chicken, pork. For red meats I like using black pepper.  It’s honestly just a preference, but I just continued to follow what my mom and grandma taught me.

The reason why we use corn starch is because it wraps around the meat, and when you cook it it doesn’t allow the meat to dry up and keep their moisture locked in. In addition, it creates a nice sear on the meat & you can also add a little bit of water or chicken stock to create a nice slurry sauce with the meat.  The corn starch becomes a thickener for sauce, once you let it simmer down for a few minutes.


It’s hard for me to provide the measurements, because when it comes to typical Asian cooking everything is measured by eye.  For roughly 2 medium sized chicken breasts, chopped you can refer to the list as a reference and tweak it from there. I hope this helps!



4 tbsp San-J Tamari soy sauce

4 tbsp Sesame Oil

1 tsp White/Black Pepper

2 tbsp Corn Starch


Step 1:

Pour the soy sauce, sesame oil, and black/white pepper over the chopped meat.

Step 2:

Mix with hands or chopsticks until well combined. Let the marinade sit for a little bit until you see the meat has soaked up all of the liquid.



Step 3:

Add the corn starch and mix well until you can see that it wraps around the meat and it’s throughly combined. You can add a little more, if you think corn starch isn’t wrapping around all the chopped meat.


Step 4:

This is the finished product! You can store your meat & marinade for up to 2 days.






Step 5:

You can cook this on high heat, to create a nice sear, then flip the meat and lower the heat to about medium. At this time you can add a little bit of water or chicken stock to create a nice slurry.  Since the meat is coated with a layer of corn starch, this will thicken the liquid you just added and create a nice sauce.



I hope you all find my family’s simple universal meat marinade helpful and easy to make. Feel free to leave any comments or recommendations down below! 🙂


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